All My LeadsLeap Sharecodes

Remember these pages are just templates... You need to edit them...

Below you will find all my LeadsLeap sharecodes that I have created over the years.
Please note that these are just templates and will NEED TO BE EDITED!
There maybe videos, links, buttons, images and banners that may not work
with your program or business… OF COURSE! You need to change all those
to work with YOUR own set of businesses.
You can change these templates however you want
including the videos, images, graphics buttons, banners and so on. 

Here are some sharecode templates you can use to edit for any business:

Lead Capture Pages:

Sharecode: mBZKVMU

Sharecode: mGBYWNmU

Sharecode: mNfVfwfYVU

Sharecode: nYVKJGGU

Sharecode: nYwffftVU

Sharecode: nVBWLmU

Sharecode: xXmwGGZZU

Sharecode: BYWGPZGwU

Sharecode: MKYNQnU

Sharecode: bGkvfZGU

Sharecode: nwwfHXU

Sharecode: mhZGZnU

Sharecode: wSBfVwVU

Sharecode: NwNffGZWkU

Sharecode: NNffHJGU

Sharecode: VkzZWZWkU

Sharecode: ffCwZGZZU

Sharecode: GNfGfWZnU

Sharecode: YWwvXZZU

Sharecode: mCGMGwU

Sharecode: mxKSWwU

Sharecode: mZwZSGkU

Sharecode: bGrfGGZGU

Redirect Pages:

Sharecode: xCwLXVGU

Sharecode: xXtwWVGkU

Sharecode: PdPZNVkU

Sharecode: HZZVGVwNVU

Sharecode: NwYwGKXU

Sharecode: wJVfkhwU

Sharecode: WfYwncGU

Sharecode: VVxXZxnU

Sharecode: mNwZfZnU

Sharecode: vXfGZZnU