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How to Use Incentives the Right Way to Build a Killer Mailing List

Author: Edward Keyte

July 29th, 2022


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If you want to grow your audience, then it is crucial to add a mailing list to your marketing practices…

How to Use Incentives the Right Way to Build a Killer Mailing List

Mailing lists allow you to collect emails and that in turn means that you can more easily reach your audience with new products or offers. This is a great way to turn cold leads into warm leads and that’s imperative if you plan on promoting something.

The only slight problem is that people, on the whole, don’t tend to like giving out their contact details. They know that this is going to mean they receive marketing messages and very often, that will be considered to be spam. So how can you persuade your visitors to change their mind and ease up?

What is an Incentive?

One common practice is to get around this problem by offering an incentive. That means providing some kind of free download in exchange for joining the mailing list in many cases – but you need to be careful how you go about this.

For example, let’s say that you are promoting a network marketing business and you’re trying to collect emails. Very often you might then do this by offering a free ‘report’ or even a free ebook for every new person who signs up. People love getting free things and if you tell them how your business opportunity can help them to make money, generate leads or build a downline for free, then they’ll often make the decision that it is worth parting with their email address.

But there’s a problem with this strategy, which is that it can end up attracting the wrong kind of subscriber – the kind of subscriber who is just looking for something free and who won’t be interested in buying from you in future. Often people will take the ebook and then never read another email from you! They may even unsubscribe immediately after…

How to Attract the Right Kind of Subscriber

Your job is to try and avoid letting that happen so that you’re attracting only the right kind of subscriber. How do you do that?

One option is to allow them to rebrand the book by adding their affiliate links and replacing your links with their’s… now you may think I’m crazy but this get’s so powerful because they need to join you in your businesses first then they can rebrand the report with their links. This incentivises them to join you first in your businesses so they can then own the free viral lead magnets that you’re giving away, then you’ll be able to build up an army of affiliates building in your downlines using your free viral PDF reports.

We have a very powerful free marketing system called Mega Marketing Pro that has all this built in to the system. Yes you can join here and rebrand the PDF reports and have access to a free auto responder and mailing list system with done for you funnels and Incentives that you can giveaway. Also the system allows you to add in any businesses of your choice that you are already promoting. 

Anyone you give away this free system to will join under you as a referral and will only see YOUR links to the programs you are promoting, and you get all this for free plus all the marketing tools.

Of course it’s also important that you actually keep up your end of the bargain and that means making sure that your emails really are engaging and high quality so that your visitors want to keep reading them but in MMP they also give you to share codes with all the pre-written emails for your mailing list. If you want to grow your audience, then it is crucial to add a mailing list to your marketing practices and using MMP you have everything you need free all in one place.



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