DAY 7 - Start Generating Web Traffic!

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How to link to this 7 day fast start guide?

Just copy the URL from the DAY 1 but make sure YOUR MegaMarketingPro
userID Number is at the end of the URL, It must be the MMP id number

Welcome Emails:

Option email 1, shorter version:

EMAIL SUBJECT: Hello and welcome to my LiveGood team.


Welcome to livegood. My name is (YOUR NAME) and I'm excited to be working with you.
I want to give you access to our 7 day fast start guide. Here's the link to that:

Anyway If you have any questions,
just ask.


Option email 2, longer version:

Hello (NAME),

(YOUR NAME) here,
I want to welcome and congratulate you on joining the LiveGood business in my team.

I’m really looking forward to helping you
learn and understand the power of
the LiveGood Business opportunity.

Here’s the link for the training
videos again:

And please add yourself to our Facebook
group chat for our team:

My direct sponsor Tim Miller who’s a 7 figure earner in this
industry has also Setup our team LiveGood Facebook group here:

please access this page:
so you can get yourself into the necessary groups
both on Telegram and Facebook.

Also you can access this page to get yourself setup with a marketing funnel:

You will need to join LeadsLeap to get setup here:

Here is my complete training course for LeadsLeap:

Also here is the link to our zoom calls.
They happen every week on Mondays at 4 pm EST time:

Here’s the link of the recording that we had last time:

Also here is a rebranded tool I use to help me get leads and signups to live good:

And regarding traffic, Please use this link to join
my MegaMarketingPro, you will then see all my recommendations for traffic on step 2,
But don’t skip all the other steps in setting up:

If you have any questions, please just ask any time… Look forward to working with you.


Fast Start Training:

Dip into some valuable fast start training that will help you build your LiveGood business fast, 100% free and newbie friendly.
Total beginners are using these methods daily and ranking up in their LiveGood business… If you do NOTHING else within this fast start guide then just use these tips, and you WILL be successful!

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